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Choices - A Must-have Behavioral Board Game, Ages 3+

Choices - A Must-have Behavioral Board Game, Ages 3+

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Choices is a fun interactive board game that challenges the choices you make in behavioral situations in a super fun way. It is the perfect game to introduce or reinforce positive behavior.


  • Great for ages 3 and up
  • Accommodates 2 – 4 players
  • Provides 15 – 30 minutes of fun play time

About the Game


It's fun for the entire family. Make game night, every night with Choices.


Sharing your toy moves you closer to the finish, but getting caught stealing will send you backwards to the “Quiet Corner” to think about the choice you’ve made!


In this fun-filled game of choices, players face everyday situations that deal with topics like honesty, bullying, mannerism and more. As children race around the game board, they take turns making the best choice in each situation - moving closer to the finish line with each correct answer!


Why families, schools and therapists are choosing Choices.

  • Great conversation starter - Tired of constantly telling your child to do the right thing? Skip the lecture! Instead, play Choices. This game adds super fun ways to teach honesty, responsibility, mannerism, patience, and more.
  • Makes learning fun and exciting - Choices is a fun, educational, interactive, behavioral board game for multiple players, including parents and teachers. Kids will be excited to take their turn for a chance to make the right choice.
  • Addresses multiple behavioral situations - There are 32 situational cards of everyday tasks or behavior which creates the opportunity for players to make a choice, or dictate whether a player's behavior is acceptable or unacceptable. The game even includes 4 blank cards for parents and teachers to make their own situation as they see fit.
  • Game-based learning – Playing is learning. Children learn through play experiences. Playing out life’s problems can help children cope with the struggles in their own ways.
    • Through playing Choices, children will:
    • learn self-regulation
    • exhibit more positive behavior
    • build stronger social skills
    • take more responsibility for certain behaviors
    • show empathy and respect for others.
  • Fun for everyone – Playing together is an excellent way to bond. Happy, playful moments are one of the best gifts we can give our children. Parents and teachers who play with their children form a stronger bond with them.
  • Contents – game board, 4 tokens, 1 die, 36 situational cards, instructions


What Customers Are Saying About Our Products

Choices is an awesome game to engage the entire family! My kids love it and have played it everyday since we purchased it. It is fun and keeps them interested. Beyond learning to make choices, I've also seen that it helps with other other concepts like staying positive after setbacks. This is a great opportunity for families to have a positive experience instilling real life skills and information while having fun!


Kandy G. | October 2023


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